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The Pious Man And The Shopkeeper

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The Pious Man And The Shopkeeper

Post by Imran on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 11:43 pm

There lived a pious man all by himself, who
spent most of his time in praying, fasting and
praising Allah. Almost all his waking hours
were utilised in meditation and devotions. He
was very happy with his spiritual progress. No
wicked thoughts came to his mind and no evil
temptations entered his heart.

One night, he dreamt a rather disturbing
dream. He saw that a shopkeeper in the town
was far superior to him in spirituality and that
he must go to him to learn the basics of true
spiritual life.

In the morning, the pious man went in search
of the shopkeeper. He found him busy with his
customers, selling goods and collecting money
with a cheerful face. He sat there in a corner
of the shop and watched the shopkeeper
carefully. No signs of any spiritual life at all,
he said to himself. His dream could not be
true. But then he saw the shopkeeper
disappear to pray his Salah. When he returned,
he was busy dealing with money matters again.
The shopkeeper noticed the pious man sitting
in the corner and asked: "As Salamu Alaikum,
would you like something, brother?"

"Wa Alaikum As Salam. Oh! No! No!" said the
pious man. "I don't want to buy anything, but
I want to ask you a question." He then related
his dream.

"Well, that is very simple to explain," said the
shopkeeper, "but you will have to do
something for me before I answer your

"I will do anything for you," replied the pious

"All right! Take this saucer; there is some
mercury in it. Go to the other end of the street
and come back fast within half an hour. If the
mercury falls out of the saucer, you will hear
nothing from me. There you go now."
The pious man took the saucer and started
running. The mercury nearly wobbled out of
the saucer. He saved it just in time, and
slowed down. Then he remembered he had to
return within half an hour, so he started
walking at a fast pace. At long last he returned
puffing and panting. "Here is your mercury,
safe and sound," he told the shopkeeper. "Now
tell me the true interpretation of my dream."

The shopkeeper looked at the pious man's
weary condition and asked him: "Well, friend,
how many times did you remember Allah while
you were going from this end of the street to
the other?"

"Remember Allah!" exclaimed the pious man.
"I did not remember Him at all. I was so
worried about the mercury in the saucer."

"But I do remember Him all the time," said
the shopkeeper. "When I am doing my
business, I am also carrying mercury in a
saucer. I am fair, honest and kind to my
customers. I never forget Allah Ta'ala in my
dealings with other men."

"Men whom neither trade nor sale (business)
diverts from the remembrance of Allaah (with
heart and tongue) nor from performing
As‑Salaah (Iqaamat‑as‑Salaah) nor from giving
the Zakaah. They fear a Day when hearts and
eyes will be overturned (out of the horror of
the torment of the Day of Resurrection). That
Allaah may reward them according to the best
of their deeds, and add even more for them
out of His Grace. And Allaah provides without
measure to whom He wills" [Al Quran, Surah
an-Noor 24:37-38]


Alhamdulillah, this concludes my information, from this story, we can see that it's very common for business and other economical tasks to create a gap between us and our religion. It makes us forget our duties and responsibilities as a Muslim,this usually happens to successful individuals. For now, we are still young and have the opportunity to plan a brighter future that comprises of full attention to our Islamic responsibilities like;

    • Performing Hajj
      Giving out Zakkah
      supporting the Poor & the Needies
      Construction of Mosques etc.

  • It is very common for most muslims to forget this immediately they become successful, this is a very big sin!. May Allah never let us forget our Islamic responsibilities and may he guide us through righteous paths. Ameen!

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