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Making Use Of Our Youth

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Making Use Of Our Youth

Post by Imran on Sat 20 Feb 2016, 7:35 am

Dear friends, if Allah gives us 60 years to live
then it comes to around 22,000 days (60x365).

All these days Allah gives us to prepare for one
day of interview with Allah. That is on the Day
of Judgement. On that day, Allah will ask us
some questions and He wants some correct
answers.Allah is so merciful that He already
told us what the questions will be through
Quran and Ahadith. His mercy is so great that
He even told us the answers to these

Now after writting the exam, if this
student still fails then what would we think of
him? We would think that he is the dumbest
person around.

Well, tell you what, on the Day
of Judgement, us people who knew the
questions and answers will still fail! That is
why, this is the time to wake up before we
prove ourselves to be the dumbest of people.
Youth is the prime time of our lives. This is
where people make important decisions like
what to become in the future. Things you do in
this time will most likely affect you throughout
the rest of your life. That is why, it is
important to bring Islam into your life during
these days.

Many people have the conception
that when they get old then they will start
practising Islam. Probably you and me also
have this feeling. But look at it this way: If you
want to become a famous hockey player then
you would start playing right from the youth.
As you grow up, you will become better and
better. But if you think that you will start
playing when you are an old man then the
chances of becoming famous is virtually zero.
That's the reality. When we become old, we
won't have enough energy to even stand up
and pray.

Because youth is the prime time of your life,
that is why it is very precious to Allah. Allah has prepared a shade on the Day of Judgement
for those people who used to worship Allah in
their youth. On that Day, there will be no other
shade except the shade from the throne of Allah. Imagine standing outside on a very hot
day under the sun for hours after hours. You
would definately want some shadow to rest
under. But what about that Day when the sun
will be much nearer to us and the heat will be
much more extreme. Wouldn't you want some
shade on that day? Ofcourse you would!

You and I are all weak in terms of keeping our
duties to Allah and Allah is aware of that. Allah wants that we keep trying to do our best. If a
baby falls down while walking he tries to get
up again and walk. He doesn't keep sitting
down. Then a day comes when he does start to
walk. Similarly, we should keep trying our best
and not give up. A day will come when,
Inshallah, we will be strong enough to obey
Allah in every situation. Let us make a small
promise to Allah right now that we will start
doing the things for which we were sent to this
life. Otherwise, we will be like that dumb guy
who will fail the test on the Day of Judgement.
May Allah make it easy for us. Ameen.

REFERENCE: "Islamcan"

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