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Post by Imran on Thu 03 Mar 2016, 7:07 pm

D o you suffer from any inferiority complex
regarding your looks or colour and height or
wealth ? Do you find your self nervous and
dumb when you are in a gathering? May be you
are looking for some personality development
program which will help you drive away your
shyness. Whom will you approach?
O ne of the most fascinating and inspiring verse
of the Qur'an is from Surah al Baqarah : 269 "
Allah grants Wisdom to whom ever He pleases.
He to whom wisdom is granted has been
granted good in abundance" The understanding
of wisdom differs from ideology to ideology.
You may find some " wise counsellor " writing
answers to teenagers in agony. Their solution
for a girl whose boyfriend has deserted her :
Seek another boy friend ! Their solution for a
teenager whose problem is " Unchecked vulgar
appetite " It is normal in these days !" It is a
sad state of affair that many people are being
taken wrongly as wise men and women fo the
I slamic defination of wisdom fits with the
modern classical defination of wisdom "The
results of wise judgments; scientific or
practical truth; acquired knowledge; erudition"
Ibn Abbas defined wisdom as the knowledge of
Qur'an and Sunnah . In other words " the
knowledge of Islamic juriprudence" To
differentiate between the right and the wrong
and also the ability to notice the better when
all the options look equally good.
T he higher lever of wisdom is when you pick
up a better among the bunch of good and you
remain steadfast in it. The status of wisdom is
very high. Surah al Mujadilah verifies it "
Allah will exhalt in degree those of you who
have believed and have been granted
knowledge. ..If you are granted wisdom then
no matter how you look how how tall or short
you are or how fair or dark you are, people
will look up at you during their crises. The
heroes of our community were the wise men
and women, and now the trend is being
Now the heroes of our Ummah are the wise
religious scholars!
Y ou have to see the clicks under their wise
talks and videos. even a ten minute talks of
Noman Ali khan attracts fifty thousand clicks.
Where as it takes only one day to get one
hundred clicks when every any video clips of
Dr Zakir Naik is put on the You tube. Shaikh
Ahmed Deedat and many other scholars have
thousand of fan following.
T he viewers list runs in thousands and many
even go out of hundred thousands. It is not
the fame I am referring to, but the reason is
people want to learn and know more. In the
age of industrialisation and techonology wise
men are as much sought after as film and
sport stars. Though the rivals have indecency,
lewid music, aggresive performance and
violence to attract the masses
I f you have learned to love and follow Islam
then you need not worry about those grooming
classes. If you know essential fiqh and teach
people and motivate them to add up Islamic
values iin their habits then you are a hero.
Wisdom never goes out of fashion like
modern fashion goes . It is the wisdom that
made Ibn Abbas a jewel in Khalifa's shura
inspite of being young. It was this wisdom that
made Luqman being honoured in the Holy
Qur'an, inspite of being dark n curly haired
freed slave. Wisdom is not a monoploy of rich
and affluent, nor is it available in departmental
stores, but it is within the reach of all those
who want to get it..If you are wise.. you are
not depended upon your fame or wealth or
friends or looks to take you to the hearts of
the people. Because all honour is from Allah
and honour comes with wisdom....and wisdom
comes from learning Qur'an and Sunnah...
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