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Will You still Wait at the Gates of Islam? Or enter it?

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Will You still Wait at the Gates of Islam? Or enter it?

Post by Imran on Thu 03 Mar 2016, 7:48 pm

Among the companions of the Prophet a.s.
Abu Bakr r.a. was given the glad tidings that he
will be given the priviledge to enter the
paradise from which ever gate he wants to
enter from.. But for women ? It is an open
opportunity for every Muslim women. Sahih
Ibn Hateem... If a woman prays five times and
fasts in Ramadhaan and obeys her husband
then she can enterinto paradise from which
ever gate she wants to... Its Islam that
welcomes women in such a grand manner.
A father works and labours for eight hours a
day to feed his children,yet his labour till his
date of retirement cannot match the labour
pain the mother undergoes just during the
child birth. And the Qur'an acknowledges this
status : In pain did his mother bear him and in
pain did she give him birth.. A religion that
commands a Prophet of the stature of Jesus
a.s. that he should be kind to his mother..
Surah Maryam ch 19 , verse 32... Only Islam
The most pleasant face for a man is the
cheerful face of his wife that cheers him up
and the Prophet guarnteed such women too a
lofty palace in paradise. There can be no better
encouraging words for a woman than easy
ways to Jannah.
If you want to be near to the Prophet a.s. in
paradise then upbring two or more daughters
in a nice manner.. kind and compassionately.
A religion that commands death penalty to a
rapist and does not allow affair of any kind
outside marriage.To Protect the honour and
the Modesty of women...
The Only Religion that loosens financial
shackles from a woman's neck and places them
on her father, her brother, her husband and
her son by declaring in only one sentence : Ar
rijaalu qawwamun al'anisaa'. (Men are
protectors and maintainers of women). A
financial protection in every stage of her life
from brith to death. Only Islam.
A religion whose main Preacher, the Prophet
of Mercy a.s. himself warning his followers : I
caution you about the rights of your
women...... Only Islam
The only Religion that proclaims..The best
among you are those who are best to their
wives and children...
A Book that warns of a sever punishment to
those who slander innocent chaste women,
thus protecting them from being topics of
gossips. The Qur'an
Inspite of this honoured priviledge how
long will you still wait to enter into Islam ?
There are not gates to enter Islam, my
sister, Just walk in. ..
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